French Screen Designs
Our upholstered folding screens are available in a variety of colours, we also offer a bespoke service to Sydney and Melbourne clients.

Boudoir Screen


Gorgeous in velvet, the classic folding screen design features one fabric front and back with a front facing stud finish. 

Design: Romance
Fabric Featured: Velvet

From $2000



A traditional French shaped screen featuring a quilted front

Design: Harmony
Fabric Featured: Plush Cotton Mix

From $2000

Moderne Screen


Featuring clean, simple lines and an art deco inspired stud finish, the folding screen is striking as a room divider or centrepiece.
Design: Classic Straight
Fabric Featured: Linen 

From $2200



Inspired by Chinese Coromandel screens, the 4 panel folding screen is slightly taller with a reverse stud finish.

Design: Classic Straight
Fabric Featured: Boyac 'Metaphores'

From $2400 (Above fabric premium range)